Change or disable the text of the message when deleting a shape

Applies to: Nevron Diagram for .NET

How to change or disable the text of the message when deleting a shape?

If you have set a protection on a diagram shape so it cannot be deleted, when someone tries to delete the shape, a tool tip will be displayed with the following text:

"The delete elements transaction SuccededWithError. ErrorLog: 1.Delete elements failed on node: Rectangle_Shape1. Error: Does not have a Delete permission."

You can prevent the view from notifying the user via messages by setting the ShowMessages property of the view:

nDrawingView1.ShowMessages = false;

nDrawingView1.ShowMessages = False

If you want to override the text of the message you can try overriding the ShowMessage method of the drawing view. In the override you can simply use this code:

public override void ShowMessage(string message)
    base.ShowMessage("User friendly message");

Public Overrides Sub ShowMessage(message As String)
    MyBase.ShowMessage("User friendly message")
End Sub

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