Force the chart Y axis minimum and maximum to specific value

Applies to: Nevron Chart for .NET

How to force the chart Y axis minimum and maximum to specific value?

The following code will set the chart Y axis range to minimum value of 0 and maximum of 1000. Note that in this example, we set the Round To Tick Min/Max to false, because by default the axis scale Round To Tick property is enabled.

chart.Axis(StandardAxis.PrimaryY).View = new NRangeAxisView(new NRange1DD(0, 1000), true, true);
NStandardScaleConfigurator scale = chart.Axis(StandardAxis.PrimaryY).ScaleConfigurator as NStandardScaleConfigurator;
scale.RoundToTickMax = false;
scale.RoundToTickMin = false;

chart.Axis(StandardAxis.PrimaryY).View = New NRangeAxisView(New NRange1DD(0, 1000), True, True)
Dim scale As NStandardScaleConfigurator = TryCast(chart.Axis(StandardAxis.PrimaryY).ScaleConfigurator, NStandardScaleConfigurator)
scale.RoundToTickMax = False
scale.RoundToTickMin = False

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