Hide or change the border of a diagram drawing document

Applies to: Nevron Diagram for .NET

How to hide or change the border of a diagram drawing document?

You can hide the border of a drawing document by using the following code:

document.BackgroundStyle.FrameStyle.Visible = false;

document.BackgroundStyle.FrameStyle.Visible = False

The code below will help you change the standard border frame style:

NStandardFrameStyle frameStyle = (NStandardFrameStyle)document.BackgroundStyle.FrameStyle;
frameStyle.InnerBorderWidth = new NLength(5);
frameStyle.InnerBorderColor = Color.Red;
frameStyle.OuterBorderWidth = new NLength(5);
frameStyle.OuterBorderColor = Color.Blue;

Dim frameStyle As NStandardFrameStyle = DirectCast(document.BackgroundStyle.FrameStyle, NStandardFrameStyle)
frameStyle.InnerBorderWidth = New NLength(5)
frameStyle.InnerBorderColor = Color.Red
frameStyle.OuterBorderWidth = New NLength(5)
frameStyle.OuterBorderColor = Color.Blue

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