Integrate Nevron Chart for .NET in a C++ / MFC project

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How to integrate Nevron Chart for .NET in a C++ / MFC project?

If you require a professional charting control for your C++ / MFC applications, you can consider the integration of Nevron Chart for .NET. The following sample demonstrates how to integrate the Chart control in a C++ / MFC project. 

The integration is performed through a .NET wrapper control that is exposed as an ActiveX control. This wrapper contains an instance of the actual chart control and exposes methods that can be used to setup the chart.
Currently it has one method that creates a point chart with the specified data. You can write additional methods for the necessary functionality.

MFCTestApp is a dialog based application that demonstrates how the wrapper control is used from MFC.

First you have to compile ChartWrapperControl – the wrapper control should be registered automatically after compilation. Then compile and run MFCTestApp to see the point chart.

Download Sample Project: NevronChartInMFC

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