Change the shape looks when it gets selected or highlighted

Applies to: Nevron Diagram for .NET

How to change the shape looks when it gets selected or highlighted?

You can change the shape looks when it is selected – for example, you can change its text color, its border/stroke style and its fill style. You can also change the shape looks while the shape is being selected (Highlighted Appearance). The appearance of the shape when it is selected is controlled by several properties of the NInteractiveAppearance class accessible from the InteractiveAppearance property of the DrawingView.

The modification type of the shape appearance (filling and outline) is controlled by the SelectedAppearanceChangeMode property. Changing this property to AppearanceChangeMode.None will discard any filling and outline changes.

The modification type of the shape text is controlled by the ChangeSelectedText property. Setting this property to false will discard any appearance changes to the shape text.

You can play with the HighlightedAppearanceChangeMode and SelectedAppearanceChangeMode properties to define the actual fill style, stroke style and text style to use:



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