Automatically set the name/prompt for the library masters when a node is dropped into a library

Applies to: Nevron Diagram for .NET

How to automatically set the name/prompt for the library masters when a node is dropped into a library?

The NodeInserted event will be fired when a new master has been created to adopt any dropped shapes.
You can use the following code to automatically set the names when of the new masters:

libraryDocument.EventSinkService.NodeInserted = new ChildNodeEventHandler(OnLibraryNodeInserted);
public void OnLibraryNodeInserted(NChildNodeEventArgs args)
    if (args.Child is NMaster)
        NMaster master = args.Child as NMaster;
        master.Prompt = "My prompt";

AddHandler libraryDocument.EventSinkService.NodeInserted, AddressOf OnLibraryNodeInserted
Public Sub OnLibraryNodeInserted(args As NChildNodeEventArgs)
    If TypeOf args.Child Is NMaster Then
        Dim master As NMaster = TryCast(args.Child, NMaster)
        master.Prompt = "My prompt"
    End If
End Sub

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