Disable customization features of the Chart Command Bars Manager component

Applies to: Nevron Chart for .NET

How to disable customization features of the NChartCommandBarsManager component?

The following code will disable any customization feature of the command bars:

Disable the Customize dialog of the manager:

this.nChartCommandBarsManager1.AllowCustomize = false;

Me.nChartCommandBarsManager1.AllowCustomize = False

Disable each toolbar's Pendant command and permissions:

foreach (NDockingToolbar tb in this.nChartCommandBarsManager1.Toolbars)
    tb.AllowHide = false;
    tb.HasPendantCommand = false;

For Each tb As NDockingToolbar In Me.nChartCommandBarsManager1.Toolbars
    tb.AllowHide = False
    tb.HasPendantCommand = False

Article ID: 53, Created On: 10/6/2010, Modified: 11/15/2010