Applies to: Nevron Chart for .NET

How to save chart as an image?

You can save charts as images so they can be used in different applications for presentation and to generate reports.

To save an image in a file you can use SaveToFile method of NImageExporter class. The parameters of this method specifies the file name, the size, the resolution and the image format.

nChartControl.ImageExporter.SaveToFile("c:\\Temp\\Chart1.jpg", new NSize(300, 200), NResolution.ScreenResolution, new NJpegImageFormat());

nChartControl.ImageExporter.SaveToFile("c:\Temp\Chart1.jpg", New NSize(300, 200), NResolution.ScreenResolution, New NJpegImageFormat())

Nevron Chart support the export of the following image types: BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PDF, SWF, XAML, SVG, EMF.

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