Prevent shape duplication when using CTRL and Mouse Move

Applies to: Nevron Diagram for .NET

How to prevent shape duplication when using CTRL and Mouse Move?

By default, when user selects a shape, then while holding the mouse down, hold down the Ctrl key, drag the mouse and release - the shape will be duplicated.

You can prevent the duplication behavior by setting the AllowDuplication property of the NMoveTool to false:

NMoveTool moveTool = (NMoveTool)view1.Controller.Tools.GetToolByName(NDWFR.ToolMove);
moveTool.AllowDuplication = false;

Dim moveTool As NMoveTool = DirectCast(view1.Controller.Tools.GetToolByName(NDWFR.ToolMove), NMoveTool)
moveTool.AllowDuplication = False

The cursor is changed to "pointer plus" only when the move tool is going to perform duplication. Since duplication is not allowed the move tool will not change the default "pointer" cursor and the Ctrl key will not affect the default move tool behavior.

Article ID: 80, Created On: 10/7/2010, Modified: 11/15/2010