Change the standard highlighted points of the shapes

Applies to: Nevron Diagram for .NET

How to change the standard highlighted points of the shapes?

When using a connector tool to connect a shape, and when the mouse cursor is close to the shape port, the port is highlighted as red square. You can change the standard highlighted points of the diagram shapes by overriding the PaintHighlightedPoints method of the NDrawingView. Following is the default implementation:

protected virtual void PaintHighlightedPoints(NPaintContext context)
    if (m_HighlightedPoints == null)
    if (m_HighlightedPointsStroke == null)
        m_HighlightedPointsStroke = new NStrokeStyle(new NLength(2, NGraphicsUnit.Pixel), Color.Red);
    float width = m_HighlightedPointsSize.Width;
    float height = m_HighlightedPointsSize.Height;
    int count = m_HighlightedPoints.Count;
    context.Device.ActivateStyles(null, m_HighlightedPointsStroke, null);
    IN2DPainter painter = context.Device.Painter;
    for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)
        NPointF point = m_SceneToDevice.TransformPoint((NPointF)m_HighlightedPoints[i]);
        painter.PaintRectangle(new NRectangleF(point.X - width / 2, point.Y - height / 2, width, height));

Protected Overridable Sub PaintHighlightedPoints(context As NPaintContext)
    If m_HighlightedPoints Is Nothing Then
    End If
    If m_HighlightedPointsStroke Is Nothing Then
        m_HighlightedPointsStroke = New NStrokeStyle(New NLength(2, NGraphicsUnit.Pixel), Color.Red)
    End If
    Dim width As Single = m_HighlightedPointsSize.Width
    Dim height As Single = m_HighlightedPointsSize.Height
    Dim count As Integer = m_HighlightedPoints.Count
    context.Device.ActivateStyles(Nothing, m_HighlightedPointsStroke, Nothing)
    Dim painter As IN2DPainter = context.Device.Painter
    For i As Integer = 0 To count - 1
        Dim point As NPointF = m_SceneToDevice.TransformPoint(DirectCast(m_HighlightedPoints(i), NPointF))
        painter.PaintRectangle(New NRectangleF(point.X - width / 2, point.Y - height / 2, width, height))
End Sub

The view will display all highlight points with the same appearance.

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