Vision for .NET 2010 Vol.1 - adding Chart and Diagram improvements, PDF, Flash, Silverlight export and more

Nevron Software, the global leader in component based data visualization technology, announces the official release of Nevron Vision for .NET 2010 Vol.1.

Among the many new features and improvements, the release adds vector export capabilities to PDF, Flash, Silverlight (XAML) and EMF formats. Together with the already supported SVG vector export, the components in the new Nevron Vision for .NET suite are now uniquely positioned to offer support for both Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and printed media support inside a single and consistent API. This makes it possible to create complex BI dashboards, SCADA interfaces, workflows, org charts etc. that would meet the diverse media requirements of today's enterprises.

The leading .NET charting component has also been extended to provide built-in support for the visualization of large data sets. Embedded in the component are advanced multithreaded clustering and sampling algorithms, which allow you to visualize datasets with hundreds of thousands of data points.

The leading .NET diagramming framework now automatically leverages the power of multi-core processors, by using multiple threads to perform complex layouts faster. WinForm controls embedding is a new exciting feature, which makes it possible to create complex interfaces that blend diagrams with existing WinForm controls.

All components in the suite are now fully localizable.

"This major release strengthens the unique position of the Nevron Vision for .NET suite on the data visualization market, by allowing enterprises to consolidate their dashboards and diagram development efforts around a single .NET solution that empowers them to consistently generate content for the diverse world of RIA and printable vector formats." says Ivo Milanov, CTO of Nevron Software LLC. "Together with the new multithreading improvements, advanced sampling and clustering and the fast adoption of our Reporting Services and SharePoint product lines, today Nevron is one of the few companies that provide enterprise-grade data-visualization solutions for both developers and IT professionals alike."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 6:45 AM