Applies to: Nevron Chart for .NET (Gauge for .NET)

How to configure the Gauge axis scale range?

Gauge axes are similar to chart axes. The range of the chart axes by default is determined by the data of one or more series that scale on the axes. Gauge axes in contrast have a fixed range, because it is assumed that you already have knowledge of the range of data that that the gauge can display. The gauge axis Range property allows you to change the range of values displayed by the axis scale. By default the range is set to [0, 100].

The following code will set the axis range to [0, 1000]:

// configure gauge axis range
NGaugeAxis axis = (NGaugeAxis)radialGauge.Axes[0];
axis.Range = new NRange1DD(0, 1000);

' configure gauge axis range
Dim axis As NGaugeAxis = DirectCast(radialGauge.Axes(0), NGaugeAxis) 
axis.Range = New NRange1DD(0, 1000)

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