Getting Started in WPF using the NOV Visual Studio Templates

Getting Started in WPF using the NOV Visual Studio Templates

NOV comes with a set of project templates that you can use to quickly create a new NOV application.

NOTE: When using Visual Studio Templates, or Visual Studio Designer (VS Toolbox controls), your NOV project will lose its cross-platform abilities. The project will be targeting only specific runtime/presentation layer.

Create a new NOV WPF application from the Visual Studio Templates
  • From File Menu - Choose New Project
  • Select the Visual C# - Nevron Open Vision - WPF
  • Select one of the available NOV project templates
  • Click OK

These required NOV assemblies will be added automatically.

The source code produced by any of the NOV project templates is heavily commented and you should pay special attention to the places commented with "TODO:". These are the places you are going to put your custom code most often. To highlight these places you can click View and then Task List in Visual Studio.

You can directly run the application - it will launch the WPF application with the selected NOV application template.

Take a look at the Help Documentation topic: Getting Started > Project Templates

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