Nevron team is pleased to announce the much expected release of the new Vision for .NET Q2 2006. The new version Q2 2006 has many improvements and includes both C# and VB.NET examples. Nevron Vision for .NET combines Nevron Chart for .NET, Diagram for .NET and User Interface for .NET which are available in Different Editions to meet your specific needs.

The ultimate .NET component suite for creating unique and powerful data presentation applications with spectacular data visualization capabilities. Flexible and extensible, it delivers powerful Charting, Diagramming and User Interface components for Windows Forms and ASP.NET with rich functionality and exceptional features.

What’s new in Vision for .NET Q2 2006 Release:

Nevron Chart for .NET

  • Line Studies
  • Funnel - Standard and Advanced 2D and 3D Funnels
  • Box and Whiskers
    • Standard Box and Whiskers
    • DateTime Box and Whiskers
    • Point Chart and Box Plot

Nevron Diagram for .NET

  • New Diagram features and functionality
  • Improvements in the DOM
  • Improvements in the WinForm views
  • Performance optimizations

Nevron User Interface for .NET

  • Custom Forms
  • Rich Text label
  • Font Combo And Font List
  • Navigation Pane
  • Decorators
  • Extended Group Box
  • Grouper
  • Expanders
  • Explorer Bar
  • Image Animation
  • Command Bars

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 4:18 AM