Vision for .NET 2009 Vol.1 Released - introducing many improvements and new features

Nevron Software is proud to announce the new 2009 Vol.1 major release of the leading Data Visualization suite of controls – Nevron Vision for .NET 2009 Vol.1 is now available – introducing new Charting Series, Chart Axes improvements, Gauges improvements, new Diagram UML, ERM and Table Shapes, Expand/Collapse Decorators, Diagram Database and Class Importers and much more.

We are pleased to announce the production availability of the new major version release (2009 Vol.1) of Nevron Vision for .NET - the data visualization components suite for .NET (WinForms and ASP.NET). In 2009 Vol.1 we have introduced New Chart Series, Chart Axes Improvements, 3D Chart Fit In Box, Gauge Improvements, Diagram Expandable/Collapsible Shapes, Diagram Shape Decorators (Frame, Expand Collapse, Show Hide Subtree), New Diagram Importers (Database and Class Importers), Diagram Layout Improvements and much more.

What’s new in Vision for .NET 2009 Vol.1 Release:

Nevron Chart for .NET

  • New Chart Series
  • 3D Chart Fit In Box
  • Chart Axes Improvements
  • Gauge Improvements

Nevron Diagram for .NET

  • DOM Improvements
    • Groups - Support for expandable/collapsible shapes
    • Decorators - Support for shape decorators
    • Support for Table Shapes - Table shapes are similar to the tables used in HTML
    • Support for UML Shapes - Built upon the Table Shape, they allow the user to create UML class diagrams with ease
    • Support for ERM Shapes and Connectors
  • Diagram Layout Improvements
  • New Diagram Importers (Database and Class Importers)
  • Fixed Issues and Optimizations:
    • The hit test of diagrams with thousands of shapes has been significantly optimized
    • The cloning and binary serialization of user defined tags has been fixed
    • The Disconnected event is now raised when you remove a connected shape
    • The Random Graph Generator now always generates connected graphs

Monday, May 18, 2009 8:54 AM