Nevron Software Named Winner in Code Project’s First Annual Member Choice Awards

Nevron Software Named Winner in Code Project’s First Annual Member Choice Awards!

We are very pleased to announce that Nevron products have been named Best Charting and Graphing Components by The Code Project’s members in the First Annual Members Choice Awards.

The Code Project, one of the world’s largest online developer communities, has announced the winners of their First Annual Members Choice awards for best development products and tools.

The Code Project asked members to rate their favorite products. The results are showing the actual perceptions of what developers value today. Nevron has been named Winner in the Charting and Graphing category, proving that our charting and diagramming controls are the preferred choice of the developers’ community when it comes to advanced Data Visualization components for .NET.

Nevron Software has been supporting the developers’ community for many years, we are also providing prizes for the Code Project Monthly competitions. Our team would like to thank everyone who supported and voted for us.

About the Code Project
The Code Project is one of the largest development communities in the world, comprising involved professional developers, development managers, and architects. An industry-leading community since 1999, The Code Project has over six million registered members since its inception. Over 3.4 million developers visit the site each month to access its lively discussion boards and more than 23,000 articles, complete with source code and examples.

About Nevron
Nevron Software is a pathfinder company for component based data visualization technologies. Nevron is a synonym for premium quality product and customer support. The company portfolio includes the leading Charting, Diagramming and UI components for .NET-centric technologies (WinForms, ASP.NET, SQL Server Reporting Services and SharePoint), which aim to provide data visualization, reporting and presentation capabilities that are not to be matched.

Designed by professionals for professionals, Nevron Data Visualization technology delivers rich functionality with exceptional features to your Presentation, Scientific, Financial and Business Intelligence applications.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 9:08 AM