Nevron Vision for SharePoint 2010 Vol.1 Now Available - advanced pivot Charts and Gauges for SharePoint

Nevron Software, the global leader in enterprise and scientific data visualization technology, announces the availability of the new Nevron Vision for SharePoint 2010 Vol.1 – the Data Visualization suite for SharePoint! The major release is now available for download and includes Nevron Chart and Gauge web parts for WSS and MOSS 2007. Analyze your data by adding interactive, AJAX-enabled pivot charts and gauges to your SharePoint portals, all without using Visual Studio.

Nevron Gauge for SharePoint delivers a rich set of Linear and Radial Gauges, Numeric Displays and State Indicators to your SharePoint applications. The web part uses the powerful Nevron Pivot data aggregation engine, which combined with the numerous gauge customization features makes it the perfect tool for the display of KPIs, numeric and real time data inside SharePoint. The web part is also very useful in the creation of Enterprise grade digital dashboards and reports as an integral part of the Nevron Vision for SharePoint suite.

The product is completely configurable trough an advanced, pure HTML based gauge designer. The gauge designer supports all major web browsers and does not require any plugins (like Silverlight or Flash). It does not use postbacks, MS ASP.NET controls or MS AJAX, which ensures that the client-server communication is brought to a minimum in order to speed up the design process. The server-side UI processing is pure HTML and script rendering. The client-side is pure HTML, CSS and jQuery JavaScript.

"Nevron Gauge for SharePoint is the perfect complement to our new Vision for SharePoint product line as it allows it to scale to the point where the suite can be used for the creation of completely functional and interactive dashboards directly inside SharePoint. The component delivers presentation quality charts, gauges and numeric displays, coupled with an advanced data aggregation features through the use of the Nevron Pivot engine. This ensures that both our components for SharePoint share the same underlying analytical power and reduces the learning curve for IT professionals and developers that adopt this solution as part of their SharePoint applications." says Ivo Milanov, CTO of Nevron Software LLC.

Friday, March 5, 2010 6:47 AM