Nevron officially releases Nevron Diagram for .NET version 3.0

Nevron Diagram for Windows Forms is a professional .NET component designed to provide your WinForms applications with advanced diagramming and flowcharting abilities. It allows for lots of different visualization and behavior customization and implements enterprise level features like tree and force directed layouts, printing support, diagram templates, wizard and more.

Some of the major features of this new to the market component are:

  • Ability to display a myriad of shapes
  • Ability to display line links in numerous styles
  • Ability to display connectors (arrow heads) in 15 different styles
  • Support for Photoshop like image effects - emboss, embed, bump mapping, inner and outer glow
  • Advanced selection
  • Automatic content fitting
  • Grid and grid snapping
  • Complete History
  • View Styles
  • Measurement Units Support
  • Tree Layout
  • Symmetrical Layout
  • Persistency
  • Keyboard support
  • Built-in Ruler and Status Bar
  • Built-in User Interface controls
  • Advanced interactivity tools and features
  • Clipboard Support
  • Print Manager
  • Image Export


Thursday, July 1, 2004 12:20 AM