Vote for Nevron in the 2011 Community Choice Awards

It is this time of year! Vote for Nevron in this year’s Community Choice Awards. We need your assistance as every vote counts. Your support is highly appreciated.

The Community Choice Awards is presented by Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Magazine, and DevProConnections.

Nevron is nominated several categories in DevProConnections, Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine. We are competing in the following categories:

Category Product
Charting & Graphing Tool Nevron Chart for .NET
Component Set Nevron Vision for .NET
Printing/Reporting Tool  Nevron Charts and Gauges for SQL Server Reporting Services 
SharePoint Development Tool  Nevron Vision for SharePoint web parts


Windows IT Pro
Category Product
Best SharePoint Product Nevron Vision for SharePoint web parts

SQL Server Magazine
Category Product
Best Business Intelligence & Reporting Product Nevron Chart for SQL Server Reporting Services

Give your vote for Nevron and help us in the 2011 Community Choice Awards.

Thank you! We appreciate your support.

Voting ends September 7th.
Assemblies \ Product Chart WinForm Chart WebForm Diagram WinForm Diagram WebForm UI







Nevron.Presentation.dll  X  X X  X
Nevron.UI.Winform.Docking.dll          X 
Nevron.UI.WebForm.Controls.dll   X    X   
Nevron.GraphicsGL.dll X X       
Nevron.Chart.dll X       
Nevron.Chart.WinForm.dll X         
Nevron.Diagram.dll      X X   
Nevron.Diagram.Layout.dll      X X   
Nevron.Diagram.Shapes.dll      X  X   
Nevron.Diagram.WinForm.dll      X     
Nevron.Diagram.Templates.dll      X  X  

Monday, August 22, 2011 5:38 AM